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10 Years of Scholarship Giving

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We're celebrating 10 years of scholarship giving at the Eliot School.  Click here to read remarkable stories of some scholarship recipients and some Named Scholarships in honor or memory of loved ones.

DONATE TODAY and give the gift of art, joy, and self-discovery. Our scholarship fund is critical to our mission. It enables us to provide art education for all.

The Scholarship Fund began in 2011 with an initial gift of $25,000 from a faithful donor. With countless unrestricted donations from individuals and local businesses and the establishment of 12 Named Scholarships, the fund has grown during its first ten years to over $470,000. In that time, 243 scholarship recipients have taken 991 classes. Taking a particular class holds profound meaning to different members of the Eliot School community. Our scholarships help our community explore the joy and discovery that art-making can bring, strengthening our resolve to inspire craft and creativity for all.