About Us

The Eliot School offers classes to people of all ages in woodworking, sewing and yarn, fiber arts, book arts, drawing, painting, photography and other crafts and fine arts.

Every year, nearly 1,500 people take classes at our historic schoolhouse in Jamaica Plain, in the center of Boston. Through our School Partnership Program, we also send teaching artists and artisans to classrooms throughout the city, reaching over 1,200 children each year.

Our 17th century namesake, John Eliot, endowed the school to serve colonial, Native and African students. Today, we continue our commitment to diversity. 19th century reports applauded us for helping students “satisfy that instinctive desire of human beings to create.” Today, we still pursue the pleasures of craftsmanship and artistic creation.

We invite you to join us with hammer, thimble, camera or brush. Attend our events. Encourage your child's school to join our School Partnership Program. Enroll in a class and pursue your human desire to create.