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*Basic Embroidery 1M22

Age Group: 
Teens, Adults

Learn the basics of embroidery in this 4-hour workshop.

Explore the history and use of spot samplers, and then make your own!   Practice basic stitches including: seed, running, back, stem, split, chain, lazy daisy, cross, satin, and French knots.

Experiment with different techniques for transferring designs and securing threads on the back of your work.

Limit 8 students

The instructor for this class will be announced soon.
Materials to bring to class:

1/4 yard linen material (not aida cross-stitch material)

Cotton embroidery floss in your choice of colors (app. 7 skeins will do)

Embroidery hoop (3-8" will work best)

Small embroidery scissors/snips

Pick these up at Joann's, Micheals, Gather Here, etc.