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Basic Embroidery 1S20 CANCELED

Learn the history and uses of spot samplers, then make your own as you practice basic stitches including seed, running, back, stem, split, chain, lazy daisy, cross, satin and French knots. Explore various techniques for transferring designs and securing threads on the back of your work.

Limit 8 students

Jennifer Turpin

Jennifer Turpin

Jennifer Turpin is an art teacher who aims  to encourage artists of all ages to explore, experiment, play and use the creative process freely, with no judgement or self criticism. A graduate from Lesley University, Jennifer studied expressive arts therapies and incorporates additional modalities into mixed media creations of her own, this may include music, movement or storytelling. By integrating other modalities into visual art, the experience deepens and becomes more about the process of creating than about the final product.

Woodworking, mixed media, drawing and painting
Materials & Tools:

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