Basic Tool Sharpening


If you use chisels or other sharp hand tools, we highly recommend that you learn to sharpen your own tools. Sharp tools are much safer and supply an important level of precision to your work. Start by preparing, sharpening and honing a 1" chisel and a card scraper, then move on to plane irons, carving tools, and more.


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All Levels




Please bring:

  • Materials fee: $10 payable in class
  • A new 1" chisel
  • A new card scraper
  • Any woodworking edge tools you want to sharpen- we'll take these on after sharpening the two new tools.

  • Any sharpening stones that you have and any chisel

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

Instructor: Annette Lippert

Instructor: Dan Paret

This class is not currently offered. Please contact us if interested.