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Beginner Basket Weaving (small round basket) 1W22

Age Group: 
Teens, Adults

This is a great introductory class to basket weaving and structure.  You will learn basic basket structure along with tips on handling weaving materials.   This class is designed for the individual who wants to try this craft without feeling overwhelmed.  You will complete your first rattan basket during class.

Limit 8 students


William Krier

William Krier

Born and raised among the Amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, William Krier developed an interest in the art of basket weaving and has been practicing this art since the 1980's. He enjoys the challenge that wicker basketry brings. Using a variety of agents from commercial dyes to nut hull stain to teas, William dyes and stains all of his own reed.

Weaving traditional baskets using bright colors is William's way of contemporizing the art of basket making.

Basket Weaving
Materials to bring to class:

Materials provided by instructor.  $20 materials fee payable in class.