Beyond Felting: Silk, Wool, Paper

Create a unique textured and unique surface by felting merino wool onto mulberry paper, and vice-versa. Paper is a material that provides certain tactile qualities, while adding more structure to the felt. Learn how to combine these two materials, how to trap the mulberry paper into the surface with wool, and how to felt both of them together. Create several 12"x12" pieces–or a few bigger pieces, which can later be applied to garments, accessories and other work. Limit 8 students

This class is presented thanks to underwriting from an anonymous donor

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$25 payable in class

Material list:
  •  12-16 oz wool (a combination of different breeds and different colors, preferable short fiber. There will be wool available to purchase from the instructor))
  • prefelt pieces (There will be paper available to purchase from the instructor)
  • scraps of 100% silk, such as pongee, chiffon and gauze. Do not bring heavy silks. 
  • scraps of linen, denim, cotton to add at the end
  • sewing needles
  • embroidery thread (similar colors to wool and silk)
  • head pins
  • Ball brauser or water sprinkler (not spray bottle)
  • Olive oil soap, preferable as a bar 
  • Tulle (about 24” x 24”)
  • 2 short pool noodles
  • 1 piece 45” x 45” bubble wrap. If you can find it at this width, bubble wrap can be taped on the smooth side
  • 2 corrugated plastic panels, approx. 20” x 30”, available here: or Michaels 
  • 1 4” paint brush (soft bristles)
  • 4 Towels (small and large)
  • plastic container with wide opening (1 qt. capacity)
  • fabric scissors and paper scissors 
  • tape measure or ruler 
  • other fiber such as silk hankies, bamboo, tencel (optional)
  • sketchbook and pencil
  • variety of mulberry paper such as Kozo (optional. There will be paper available to purchase from the instructor)

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost


Section 1M: Monday–Friday
Aug 19–23, 9am–4pm
Instructor: Eva Camacho
$520. FULL

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