NOTE: Our SUMMER PROGRAM for CHILDREN is canceled, along with all SUMMER and FALL In-House classes.

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Carved & Printed Woodblocks 1M20 CANCELED

Carved & Painted boxes

Learn to make hand-printed, multicolor woodblock prints. Carefully carve images into wooden blocks, then use your blocks to print with water-based pigments and paints on Japanese printmaking papers. Start with a sample design provided by the instructor, then move on to carving your own designs. Leave class with an understanding of the tools, materials and the printmaking process, as well as a small collection of shared prints. Limit 8 students.

Dan Paret

Dan Paret

Dan Paret has been a maker for more than thirty years and a teacher for 15 of those years. In addition to his time at the Eliot School, he also teaches woodworking at Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

“I find satisfaction in making functional objects people will use or encounter daily. I hope that people who own my pieces will connect with me through the objects, and experience with me the intimacy of simple, useful things. In my classes I employ equal measures of seriousness and levity to connect with people who are interested in making objects, manipulating materials and exploring the work. Teaching informs my work, which informs my teaching.”

Materials & Tools:

Materials: $75 payable in class