Corzetti Stamps

Corzetti Stamps are beautiful turned and carved tools used to make traditional pasta of northwest Italy. The stamps produce embossed patterns on dough tha tis not only decorative, but also helps the pasta to hold its sauce. Depending on experience level, create one or more custom stamps. Part of The Artisan’s Table series.

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The Artisan’s Table

Turn and carve tools to create handmade pasta, and tableware, utensils and bowls with which to serve it. All workshop participants may join together at week's end to share a meal and reflections on food. Sign up for one or more workshops, August 27–September 2, 2016:

Rolling PinsCorzetti StampsTurned Wineglass StemsWooden Spoons
Cavarola Board
Wood Turning: Serving Bowl Wooden Cheese Board
Textile Printing & Sewing
Pasta Making & Reflections on Food

Other Summer Craft Intensives

Immerse yourself in craftsmanship, creativity and community. Exchange ideas, inspire each other during classroom walkthroughs.

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Materials fee $15, payable in class

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Section 2M: Monday, 9-5:00PM

Aug 29, 2016

Instructor: Annie Meyer

$120 – OPEN

plus $15 materials fee, payable in class