Cyanotype Prints

Make beautiful cyan-blue prints through the alternative photographic process of cyanotype printing. Create a composition with objects of personal meaning, then use light-sensitive photo emulsion to create a cyanotype—an evocative blue image—on paper or fabric. Turn your prints into a mixed-media masterpiece with collage, stitches, drawing and more. Limit 8 students

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  • Pre-washed pale colored (whote) 100% natural fabric such as muslin, fine weave linen or cotton. Best if already washed. Must be synthetic free.=
  • 100% rag paper (you can bring one type of paper, or mixed types. All will react differently. Suggestions include Arches, Canson and Rives BFK.
  • An apron (to avoid chemical staining on clothing)
  • Interesting objects for your photograms. See examples here
  • If desired, you may bring real camera negatives. (These cannot be enlarged)
  • If desired, create digital negatives by following this tutorial
  • You may also bring assorted paintbrushes and foam paintbrushes

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

Summer 2017

Section 1: Saturday, 10am–5pm
1M: June 24, 2017
Instructor: Joetta Maue