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Dovetail Toolbox 1F19

Create a simple tool tote using a combination of hand and power tools. All totes will be based around the same joints and construction, and you can customize the dimensions and design details to suit your needs. Use your tote while you are gardening or carrying supplies, or as storage for knitting supplies or woodworking tools. Limit 8 students 

Dyllan Nguyen

Dyllan Nguyen

Dyllan Nguyen is an artist, maker and teacher.

With Brooke Scibelli, he founded Non Issue Studio, where they craft one-of-a-kind items in wood, felts and fibers: "Joining our interests in various media & processes, we make distinct handmade objects to solve everyday problems and add simple texture to life." Their work compliments our mass-produced, technology-driven world.

Dyllan's art addresses distraction, information/communication and relationships between people and objects. He enjoys learning new things, and as a result his work moves between disciplines, including (but not limited to) performance, sculpture, sound, installation, video, flat and virtual media. He also likes to take things apart. He works as Special Projects Coordinator and Summer Program Coordinator for the Eliot School, and has taught at the Eliot schoolhouse and, through our School & Community Partnership Program, at Young Achievers Pilot School and elsewhere. He also teaches at Artists for Humanity.

He holds a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts Collage of Art & Design and an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute/Plymouth University.

Woodworking, Tinkering & Inventing
Materials & Tools:

 $25 payable in class