Drawing for Comics & Cartoons ll

Drawing for Comics and Cartoons II

Push your drawing skills further. Learn inking techniques with a variety of tools. Increase your dexterity drawing lighting, scenery, cloth, textures, character interaction and more. Develop your character designs and learn to master the humorous, heroic, villainous and strange for each character you create. Open to teens and adults. Prerequesite: Drawing for Comics & Cartoons I.

When this class is not offered, consider Graphic Narrative: Telling Stories Through Comics.

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Drawing for Comics & Cartoons l


Please bring to first class:

  • a sketchbook (any kind)
  • a pad of Bristol board, at least 20 sheets, 11”x 14” or larger
  • scrap paper for testing pens, etc.
  • pencils (any kind)
  • eraser
  • glass jar for water
  • paper towels or rags

Additional supplies to be discussed in class; you may purchase in advance or wait until class discussion:

  • Acrylic ink, one jar black, one jar white (any brand)
  • Artist's drawing pens: Prismacolor or Micron brand recommended
  • Sable brushes, at least one small round and one fill brush
  • We will also discuss additional optional materials for ‘inking.’

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