Felting Wool & Paper

For students with no felting experience: Learn how to make a piece of felt from merino wool and then combine with mulberry paper, creating a unique, textured 12"x12" piece. If you like this technique, consider expanding your experience with our 1-week Summer Intensive, page 10. This class meets at the Eliot School Annex, 253 Amory St.
Jamaica Plain. Limit 8 student

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$20 payable in class
  • 2-4 oz wool (a combination of different breeds and different colors)
  • Ball brauser or water sprinkler
  • Olive oil soap, preferable as a bar 
  • Tulle (about 24” x 24”)
  • 2 short pool noodles
  • 1 piece 45” x 45” bubble wrap. If you can find it at this width, bubble wrap can be taped on the smooth side
  • 2 corrugated plastic panels, 24” x 36”, available here: https://www.homedepot.com/p/24-in-x-36-in-Twinwall-Plastic-Sheet-COR-2436/202090128?MERCH=REC-_-PIPHorizontal2_rr-_-202043334-_-202090128-_-N
  • 1 4” paint brush
  • 4 Towels 
  • plastic bucket (1 qt. capacity)
  • fabric scissors 
  • paper scissors
  • 1 set of bed raisers to bring tables up
  • mulberry paper such as Kozo (optional. There will be paper available to purchase from the instructor)

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FALL 2019 

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