Figure Drawing Intensive

Immerse yourself in drawing in an afternoon or full day of drawing with a dynamic and popular teacher who will bring out your best. Using any media, draw from a live model and see the subject and your own work in new ways and with new inspiration.

Choose one Sunday in each month, or more, from November through April each year. Then, in July, go super-intense and draw for a full day or two days in a row.

Beginners and seasoned artists alike have enjoyed these intensive workshops.

A story from “The Moth Radio Hour,” the popular NPR series, features Robert Siegelman – “Bob” – in a class he taught at the Museum School. We feel it perfectly reflects his power as a transformative teacher. (Go here, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the window, and then in the search field type “how to draw a nekkid man”).

Figure Drawing Intensive workshop

Robert Siegelman also leads Works in Progress: Art Critique workshops. Learn about the nature of giving a critique, how to look at and critique others' work, and receive feedback on your own work.

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In order to foster wide experimentation in this course, we encourage you to bring a variety of materials to work with. Wet materials (with the exception of oil paint), as well as dry, are fine. Feel free to bring collage materials as well.

Please wear clothes that you are comfortable in, and that can get dirty. Aprons, smocks, or coveralls are great.

Bring to class: 

  • Newsprint (100 sheets, pads or loose) at least 18”x24”
  • drawing board (large enough for 18”x24” paper) with clips
  • Compressed charcoal sticks (Blick's own brand is a good option: medium hardness, producing very strong dark black tones; we no longer recommend AlphaColor Charkole)
  • Tool box to hold your drawing supplies

Other materials to bring if you have, or buy if you wish:

  • sketchbook, journal, or notebook, any size/type
  • graphite
  • conte crayons
  • kneaded erasers
  • white plastic eraser
  • charcoal pencils
  • colored pencils
  • vine or thick charcoal, lump or stump
  • lumber crayons
  • a variety of papers, white, toned, black, colored, rolls, inexpensive, and good quality
  • Alphacolor non-toxic pastels
  • oil pastels
  • oil sticks, oil bars, pigment bars
  • gouache, acrylics, or watercolors, and related supplies (brushes, palette, cups, etc.)
  • watercolor crayons
  • glue and various papers that can be used for collage
  • ink, brushes, sticks, and pens

Find out more about where to buy supplies.

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Class begins at 1:30 pm and will end at 5:30 pm

Section 7S: May 5

Instructor: Robert Siegelman