Graphic Narrative

Explore the boundaries of sequential art, creating original stories for comic strips, comic books, graphic novels and other forms of graphic narrative. Learn to use your personal style to its best effect. Emphasis will be placed on the way we communicate with sequential image narratives, not on how to draw characters. Explore the grammar, iconography, symbolism and pictograms used by masters of the medium and move through the process of sequential art storytelling from inception to print. We recommend you take Drawing for Comics & Cartoons first, although it is not required. Limit 8 students. This class meets at the Eliot School Annex, 253 Amory St., Jamaica Plain.

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Class Size


Age Range


Skill Level

All Levels





  • Sketchbook (any)
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Ink pens
  • Additional materials will be discussed in class and will include:
  • Bristol paper 9" x 12" or larger (smooth or vellum)
  • Crowquill dip pen and holder
  • Sable brushes #2 round and others.
  • Black Ink
  • White Ink or Gouache Paint
  • Rags and jars
  • Scrap paper

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost



Section 1: 8 Mondays, 6:30–9:30pm

1S: June 3–July 22 

Instructor: Jerel Dye


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