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Hand Appliqué 1W20

Appliqué, a process of cutting, layering and sewing cloth to create imagery, can serve as an illustrative device, a form of collage or even a pathway to three dimensions. Learn basic techniques to create appliquéd images and forms, then begin to explore how to go further, take risks and court the unexpected. 

Limit 8 students

Joetta Maue

Joetta maue profile

Joetta Maue teaches to encourage people to share their voice and to connect through the act of creating. Joetta hopes to break down expectations and limitations of medium and ideas around art. She enjoys the diversity and open-ness that comes with her students at the Eliot School. She also teaches at UMass Boston, Northeastern University, internationally recognized workshop programs and as a visiting artist, primarily with photography and embroidery drawing practices. Her current work includes embroideries, graphite drawings and photographs exploring intimacy, motherhood and the everyday of domestic space. Her work has been shown at galleries and museums internationally and featured in numerous publications. She is also an active curator, arts writer and mama. 

Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Photography
Materials & Tools:

Materials List:

  • a pair of sewing scissors
  • pincushion with straight pins (pins with ball heads work best, although any straight pins will work)
  • at least two embroidery needles
  • an embroidery hoop, 6”–8” recommended
  • Cotton DMC embroidery floss, 2–3 skeins (or more) of different colors
  • a water-soluble fabric marker (available at any craft or fabric store)
  • basic cotton or linen fabric, pre-washed, at least 10” x 10”
  • scraps of fabric to use in appliqué
  • found objects to use in appliqué
  • a pencil
  • a Sharpie pen
  • sketch paper (newsprint, copy paper, notebook, your choice)
  • We will provide some random fabric scraps available for use in class.
  • Vintage linens will be available for purchase in class.