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Hand Dovetail Joints 1W20

Co-sponsored by Eastern Mass. Guild of Woodworkers

A beautiful dovetail marks a skilled artisan. Dovetail joints elegantly interlock one board with another with great tensile strength. Hand-cut dovetails require care and precision for a snug fit, and add a lovely visual touch to furniture design. Practice tool sharpening, create dovetails by hand and prepare to apply the skills you learn to your next project.

This is a perfect follow-up to Basic Woodworking, and appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. 

Michael Gleason

Michael Gleason

Michael Gleason made custom cabinetry and furniture at his company, Gleason, Hendrick & Devine from 1981 to 2014. Before that, he made custom furniture and did antique restoration with Nils Johnson at A.G. Johnson & Son from 1972 to 1981. He began teaching at the Eliot School with Nils Johnson and has taught here ever since, for over three decades.

Furniture Finishing and Restoration
Materials & Tools:

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