Handmade Long Bow

Make an American version of a traditional English longbow from a single piece of quarter-sawn ash with Dacron strings. Start with a review of shop safety and operation of basic power tools, wood selection and project layout. Construct a bowstring maker’s jig and a custom bowstring, then fit your final 68" bow. Test-fire your bow at a certified archery range in Milton, MA. All levels welcome. Limit 10 students

Handmade Long Bowlong bowlong bow

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All Levels



Before entering the shop, read about SAFETY.


Materials: $30, payable in class

All materials will be provided.

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

Section 1W: 2 Sundays, Mar 31 & Apr 7, 2–8pm,

plus range date 1–3pm
Instructor: Julio Fuentes

Materials: $30 payable in class

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