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*Herbal Crafts: Elixirs, Tinctures & Glycerites 1F22

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make herbal extractions using dried/fresh culinary and medicinal herbs.  Students will learn about the curative powers of different herbs found in your kitchen, and the most effective ways to preserve and utilize them to treat ailments.  As a class, we'll explore the art of making herbal medicine to support health. 

A tincture is an extraction of the active components in a botanical by steeping, usually in alcohol.  A glycerite is made similarly, but with glycerin as the primary extraction medium.  Elixirs are medicinal extractions made using any combination of alcohol, water, oil, and sometimes, sugar.

*Tinctures are made with alcohol, students must be 21+ to create these

Taína Vargas-Sosa


Taína Vargas-Sosa is a mother, artist, educator, urban gardener, herbalist in training and budding forager.

She is the founder of Sankofa Anacaona Botanicals, a traveling apothecary centered around deep respect for plant medicine

and commitment to holistic plant-based healing. Taína's Afro-Indigenous Caribbean lineage is rooted in Ayiti-Kiskeya (Dominican Republic).

She is currently based in Boston, MA.

herbal medicine, visual art education, urban gardening
Materials to bring to class:

$5.00 for supplies provided by instructor.