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Mixed Media Studio Immersion

M.Comeau picture summer

Take a week in the studio with space and support to deepen and expand your mixed media art practice. Demonstrations of mixed media techniques and short visual exercises augment independent studio time to start/continue/finish your mixed media project. Media welcome include: assemblage, collage, drawing, fiber, painting and printmaking. Discussions will include developing concepts that guide your work, strategies to support a successful studio practice and opportunities for professional development and networking with other artists. Bring your own materials to supplement those provided by the teacher. Limit 8 students 

Merill Comeau

Merill Comeau

Merill Comeau is a mixed media artist who believes that, by deconstructing and reconstructing textiles and altering clothing, she can disrupt, reorder and rebuild real or imagined narratives. Her stories take the shape of installations, garments and murals that explore common human concerns and create narratives of repair and regeneration. In addition to her solo studio practice, she works with communities to create collaborative works of art, facilitating the exploration of individual identity and participants’ commonalities. This work results in site-specific installations and collaborative wall hangings.

"I explore historical and contemporary women’s roles: the toil of the maker, the privilege of the wearer, the job of mothering, how to be a ‘good’ daughter, and societal expectations for sexual and emotional expression."


Mixed Media
Materials & Tools:
  • Scissors for fabric (they tend to be sharper than paper scissors)
  • Scissors for paper (you won’t want to dull your fabric scissors by using them on paper)
  • Sketchbook and writing utensils
  • A gallon sized bag of materials for your personal use in collage (papers, photographs, fibers, thread)
  • If you have a favorite glue, feel free to bring it
  • A garment you won’t mind cutting, writing on, or painting
  • Apron and gloves if you use them
  • Bag lunch and beverage for each day