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Natural Dyeing - Prints & Fibers Intensive 1M22

Explore the full-breadth of creating with nature-derived dyes in a week-long immersion.  

Students will delve into a variety of techniques for image-making with botanicals, creating prints, textiles, and garments.

In class, students will explore a rainbow of color including pigments created from madder, lac, brazilwood, marigold and more. Learn about what hue-producing plants you can grow yourself or purchase at the supermarket.  Explore the difference between natural dyeing processes and synthetics.  Develop your own catalog of custom pigments. 

Students will create an indigo vat on-site, and work with this unusual and historical dyestuff. Each student will explore how to get different shades, shapes, resists and long lasting results.  They will create a dyed textile utilizing slow-stitching-resist and create a fruit vat to discover new pigments. 

Students will use flowers, sticks, leaves and found objects to create printed paper and fabric.  They will experiment with the print-making potential of foodstuffs.  Investigating what grows locally and the imagery and patterns they create, students will make beautiful custom textiles.  We encourage students to bring in their own found objects, treasures and trash to incorporate into their work.

*Portions of this course take place outdoors, in the Eliot School schoolyard.  Additionally, dyes may permanently color clothing, please dress accordingly.

Amy Lou Stein

amy Lou stein

Amy Lou Stein is an artist, educator, and the proprietor of Craftwork Somerville.  She is a lifelong learner in the study of herbalism and the power of plants.  Amy Lou creates textiles, jewelry, and botanical products that can be found at various local art/craft markets.

Mixed Media
Materials to bring to class:
  • Any objects desired to print with (strong shapes)
  • Any washed cotton garment you wish to dye/print