Painted Furniture

furniture painting workshop class in Bostonhow to restore and paint furniture: workshop class in Boston

painted furniture workshop class in Bostonpainted furniture workshop class in Boston

furniture painting workshop class in Boston





Transform a small piece of your own furniture: Prep (sand, fill small blemishes, remove old hardware), prime, paint (apply a faux finish if desired), attach new hardware and finish with a protective coat. Your furniture will be glossy, colorful and one-of-a-kind.

To see examples of the instructor's work, take a look at his blog for SecondCoat Design.

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Supply your own small piece of furniture. (Storage is extremely limited, and pieces that are too large will be sent home from the first class.)

To the first class, bring:

  • A small piece of furniture for your first piece.
  • Some quality paint brushes. Try to bring at least two brushes, one flat and one angled. If you have some brushes that aren't that great, bring those, too, as they are good for priming.
  • 4 or more sheets of 120–grit sandpaper
  • A dust mask to prevent the inhalation of any particles while sanding
  • A putty knife

We will also need primer, but the instructor will bring a gallon to get you started. Later on you will need different grits of sandpaper, paint, painters’ tape, some sort of polyurethane or lacquer, and specific tools if you decide to go with a faux technique. We can recommend a variety of hardware vendors if you need hinges or knobs. All of these things will be addressed within the first couple of classes, so no need to think about it before the course begins.

Most important, come to class with an open and creative mind. And make sure to wear clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting paint on.

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

Instructor: Nick Siemaska (Second Coat Design)

This class is not currently offered. Let us know if you are interested.