Painting with Oil Stick and Cold Wax


Using printmaking techniques with oil paint and pigment sticks, without brushes or solvents, build up texture and layers to create spectacular effects. Add line, color and texture, then carve into your paintings to reveal layers beneath. Cold wax can be used with collage papers, fabric, texture tools, stamps and stencils. Consider including inks, pastels and anything that adds to your mark-making. Limit 10 students 

This class meets at the Eliot School Annex, 253 Amory St., Jamaica Plain.

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10-12 pieces of Arches Oil paper.  You can buy a tablet and cut the sheets in half as a smaller size will be better for this class purposes.
1 Ampersand Gessoed board any size you want.  We need to use paper or rigid surfaces for oil and cold wax.
2-4 R&F Pigment Sticks. I recommend a white, black and a favorite color or two.
Oil Paint--small tubes are fine, any brand ( we suggest Gamblin). 
Red, yellow, white and blue and any other colors you like to work with.
1-2 palette knives
Paper palette 12x16 or larger--you can also use freezer paper for this if you also bring tape to secure it.
Paper towels
Pizza box for carrying home wet work.
Wear clothes if you don't mind getting paint on

If you have done printmaking and have a brayer bring it
Any shower squeegee or soft rubber scraper can be useful
Drawing materials like graphite stick or any other mark making tools (stick, ceramic or sculpture tools)
Small stencil that you don't mind getting oil paint on.

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1W: Mar 24 & 31 (snow day make-up Apr 7), 9:30am–1:30pm
Instructor: Paula Lazar