Painting with Oil Sticks & Cold Wax

Take painting to a new level with cold wax, pigment sticks, and printmaking techniques. Using oil paper or panels, roll on the paint and transfer texture. This process lends itself well toboth abstraction and realism. All levels welcome.

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Please bring to class:

  • 20 6x6 paper squares - Arches oil paper, gessoed mixed media paper or encaustic boards
  • Small jar/can of cold wax - Dorland or Gamblin
  • 2-3 R&F Pigment Sticks (can be purchased at Blick). Black, white, and one additional color are recommended
  • Limited palatte of your favorite tube oils
  • Drawing implements
  • Rubber brayer
  • Palette knife or scraper
  • Palette paper or freezer paper
  • Gloves
  • Masking tape
  • Cardboard or pizza box for transporting wet work

Optional but fun:

  • Favorite mark making tools from around your house, studio or garden
  • Stencils
  • Materials for adding texture, like shelf liner, saran wrap, a squeegee or rubber scrapers

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

This class is currently not offered. Please contact us if interested. 

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