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Photography - Digital Camera Basics 1M23

Join for one or all sessions of this series on the fundamentals of photography.

Learn how to manipulate the settings on your digital camera to capture photos of varied subjects and environments.  Explore how changing aperture, ISO, shutter speed, lenses, subject-distance and more impact your images.  Experiment with your camera's features to develop your personal photography style.

Session 1: Basic Aperture skills as applied to portraiture and close-up objects.

Session 2: Basic Shutter Speed skills as applied to stop-motion imagery including panning, select-subject motion blur, and select-subject motion-freezing.

Session 3: Basic ISO skills - balancing ISO, shutter, and aperture for balanced exposures in dark and light settings. 

Session 4: The Psychology of Portraiture: basic skills in positively approaching subjects / human relations for street photography and portraiture.

*While many of the featured skills apply to manual photography, this course is focused on digital camera photography, and includes no dark-room/film-camera work.

*Tuition charged per session(s) selected.  Discount for registration for all sessions.

Gretjen Helene


Gretjen Helene (mixed media/photography) is a professional photographer and fine art/sculptural photographer who works with traditional alternative photographic processes as well as in a documentary style. She has exhibited throughout the Boston area, New York City, and Alaska. She studied at Emerson College and received her undergraduate degree at The Art Institute of Boston, subsequently teaching a Publication/Exhibition of Photography class thereafter. She received her graduate degree in Fine Art Photography and Integrated Media at Lesley University's College of Art & Design.

She has an affinity for eggshells and the symbolism they evoke; autonomy and the cycle of life. She also enjoys working with natural animal materials such as bone, feather, sinew and egg. She was taught Pysanky at a young age by her mother and has been continuing the tradition each year ever since with family and friends, as well as with students in public classes and private groups. The layering of wax and the subtractive dyeing process of Pysanky has a likeness to the traditional photographic processes of developing and printing images from negatives in the darkroom; her debut into creative practices. She now teaches the Photo Collective group at the ICA in the Teen Program.

Mixed Media and Photography
Materials to bring to class:

A digital camera with memory card and back-up battery.