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Sewing a Zipper Pouch 1F19

Overcome your zipper aversion as you make a zippered pouch. Coordinate fabric for the sides, install the zipper, construct the bag and box the corners to make your pouch stand up. Then you can adjust your newly acquired skills to make a variety of bags in different sizes and shapes. Limit 8 students

Melissa Clouser-Missett

Melissa Clouser

Melissa Clouser-Missett is a multi-disciplinary artist, art educator, and creative entrepreneur who has taught Visual Arts in middle and high schools in Pennsylvania, Maryland and now Boston. She teaches middle school Visual Arts at the Boston Green Academy through our School & Community Partnerships program and elementary Visual Arts classes at our schoolhouse. She also sells her artwork through her Etsy shop, “Made by Meli Clo-Miss.” Melissa holds a BS in Art Education from Penn State University and is working on an MA in Global Inclusion and Social Development at UMass Boston.

Drawing and Painting, Fabric, Sewing
Materials & Tools:

Materials list coming soon