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SPFC Week 7: Larger than Life and Littler Too (Ages 6-8)

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Let’s make something big, like really big, like monumentally big. Or put the world into miniature. In this week we’ll make art that uses the entire body, build structures that tower above us and imagine everyday things as if they were put under a magnifying glass. We’ll make tiny stuff too, put a blue whale in a water bottle, or a redwood into a matchbox. Using wood, fabric, paper and clay we’ll make the big small and the small huge!

Two classes will be formed from a pool. If you would like two or more students to be placed in the same class, let the summer program coordinator know a week before the session starts. 



My child was so proud of her finished product and I really appreciate the instructors helping her along. She liked the kids and the instructors fostered an inclusive and fun environment. She said "We are all friends."

Summer Instructors

Carved Wooden Panels


Materials to bring to class:

All materials provided in class.