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Spring Botanical Journaling 1S22

Age Group: 
Teens, Adults

In this workshop we’ll sketch and paint the emerging buds, blooms, and leaves of the spring season as we explore the grounds of the Eliot School.

We'll focus on simple but fundamental botanical illustration and watercolor techniques, with an emphasis on observation, identifying plants, and capturing key details. Students will learn ways to draw their subjects with accuracy and apply watercolor washes to add color to their journals. The class will cover basic botanical illustration and watercolor techniques.

Students will also be provided with ideas for continued practice of these skills after the session.

Invite mom for a creative Mother's Day gift!

Vaccinations required.  Masks must be worn when indoors.

*Course requires some time outdoors, please dress accordingly.

*Materials kit may be provided by instructor for $25, paid in class.


The instructor was terrific!  She was qualified and communicated well.  Tara is fabulous!

I wanted to learn a new skill and was interested in watercolor.  The professor gave us a lot of information on the subject and after taking this class, my interest has been piqued to continue!

Tara is a fabulously knowledgeable teacher!

Tara Connaughton

tara connaughton

Tara Connaughton is an artist / illustrator / art instructor (+ wife, kid-mom, dog-mom,…) living in a beautiful coastal town with her family in the Boston, MA area. She's been creating, crafting, drawing and painting since she was little — her love of art supplies goes all the way back to her beloved 64-box of Crayolas (that she never let anyone touch!).

She has always felt inspired by the natural world around her and is in constant awe of the things Mother Nature can do. Tara is grateful to be able to devote her time to connecting art + nature and sharing it with others.

Botanical Painting/Illustration
Materials to bring to class:

- Watercolor sketchbook or journal (suggested: Canson Montval Artist Watercolor Journal 9x12 or 5.5x8.5 or Canson XL Watercolor Journal)

- Pencil and eraser

- A small set of watercolor paints* (suggested: Daniel Smith 6-pan Sketcher set or Winsor & Newton Sketcher’s Pocket Box)

- Size 4 or 6 round watercolor brush*

- 2 jars of water for painting

- a flat ceramic white dish or other flat palette for mixing paint

- paper towels (a few for each class)

* If you already have watercolor painting supplies you can use those for class. Please contact the instructor if you have questions on paint colors.



Instructor will provide kit for $25, paid to instructor at first class