Summer Program for Children

NOTE: Due to the ongoing public health emergency and restrictions, all In-House classes have been suspended until further notice. 

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Our popular Summer Program for Children combines creativity and hands-on fun. Our classes are small with lots of attention for each child. All levels are welcome. Each week is different. Sign up for one or many.


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the CANCELLATION of our Summer Program for Children. With Governor Baker's plan to reopen Massachusetts, it has become clear that it will be some time before we will be able to gather in our schoolhouse with you again. Our Summer Program for Children is one of our favorite parts of the year. But the health and safety of our students and community come first.

We look forward to our Summer Program in 2021, and we hope you will join us then. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this extraordinary time.

Click HERE for more information regarding a tuition refund, credit or donation. For questions or concerns, please contact our Registrar.


Hands-on Fun

In our schedule, below, you’ll notice Woodworking, Art and other classes with the same name. Each one is different, with plenty of new projects and materials each week. Many children take more than one project and learn new skills each time. 

Each class welcomes beginners and experienced students. Small classes allow for individual attention. All classes emphasize safety and the enjoyable process of making things. We provide materials for all projects.

Each program is one week, Monday through Friday. Early Drop-off and Extended Day are available.

We post each year's program details in mid-January. Returning families are informed one week early for Early-Bird Registration. A week later, the program opens to the general public.

Times & Fees


Mornings: 9am−12pm
Afternoons: 12:30−3:30pm
Supervised lunch in between.
Register for half or full days.

Early Drop-Off / Extended Day

Leave your child with us for some relaxed time outdoors (if weather permits) or in our art room. Mixed ages, 6–14.
Early Drop-Off: 8am–9am
Extended Day: 3:30–5:30pm (pick up 5–5:30pm)

Cost per week

$250 for half-days, $420 for full days
Early Drop-Off: $60/week
Extended Day: $120/week

Week 3 - June 29 to July 2 (no class Friday, July 3):
$200 for half days, $340 for full days
Early Drop-Off: $48/week
Extended Day: $96/week

Please note that registration for Early Drop-Off and Extended Day are for the whole week only.

Sibling Discount

10% discount for a second sibling taking a class in the same time slot. At checkout, use Coupon Code: FAMILY.


Please use the following code(s) to apply your full-day discount according to the corresponding week(s):

  • Week 1: SPFDWK120
  • Week 2: SPFDWK220
  • Week 3: SPFDWK320
  • Week 4: SPFDWK420
  • Week 5: SPFDWK520
  • Week 6: SPFDWK620
  • Week 7: SPFDWK720


Scroll through the Program Schedule, below. Click on any offering to see details and add to your shopping cart.

New this year: You can enroll multiple children for multiple sessions in one shopping cart, under your own account. 

We encourage parents with multiple children signing up for multiple sessions to call or email our office.

Registration opens each year in mid-January. 

We give past students’ families the opportunity to register early. If you have had a child enrolled in the past two years, expect an email in early January about early-bird registration.

As classes are both small and popular, they can fill up quickly. 

We process registrations strictly on a first-come first-served basis. Registration must be accompanied by full payment. Please read our policies on refunds and withdrawals before you register.

If you have any questions, call 617-524-3313 x12 or stop by our schoolhouse during office hours.


Scholarships / Becas

We are happy to be able to offer scholarships to children from low-income households.
Estamos alegres de poder ofrecer becas a estudiantes con bajos ingresos. Espacios limitados.

  • Download a scholarship application (pdf) in English.
  • For more information, contact our Registrar.
  • A materials fee of $25 per student per class is required. Space is limited.
    • Una cuota de materiales de $25 por estudiante es requerida. Espacio limitado.
  • Return your application and Income Verification Form to our Registrar. She will review them and give you a coupon code to use for registration.
    • Entregue su solicitud y formulario de verificación de ingreso a nuestra registradora. Ella revisará sus documentos y le proveerá un código de descuento para uso durante su matriculación.

Our scholarships are made possible by the many people who donate to our Scholarship Fund.
Nuestras becas son posibles gracias a toda la gente que dona a nuestro fondo de becas.

Consider a donation to our Scholarship Fund.
Considere hacer una donación a nuestro Fondo de Becas.

Health & Other Permission Forms

It's important to have information about our students readily accessible. If you've already registered for a class, make sure to fill out one of our health forms (we don't need documents from physicals or immunization records) and return it on or by the first day of your first class. You can drop it off, email it to our Summer Program Coordinator, or mail it to the Eliot School, PO Box 300351, Boston, MA 02130.

Download a set of permission forms here (pdf).

Program Schedule 2020 -- ALL CLASSES FOR SUMMER 2020 ARE CANCELED --

WEEK 1 • June 15-19

Early Drop-off, Week 1


ages 6–8          LEGOs with DEILab 1A2-20

ages 9–12        Fiber Art & Sewing 1A3-20

ages 9–12        Woodworking  1A1-20


ages 6–8          Woodworking 1P1-20

ages 9–12        LEGOs with DEILab 1P2-20

ages 9–12        Photography 1P3-20


Extended Day, Week 1


WEEK 2 • June 22-26

Early Drop-off, Week 2


ages 6–8          Woodworking 2A1-20

ages 6–8          Fiber Art & Sewing 2A3-20

ages 9–12        Inventions, Gizmo and Gadgets 2A2-20


ages 6–8          Inventions, Gizmo and Gadgets 2P2-20

ages 6–8          2-D Visual Arts – 2P3-20

ages 9–12        Woodworking – 2P1-20

Extended Day, Week 2


WEEK 3 • June 29-July 2 (no class July 3)

Early Drop-off, Week 3


ages 6–8           Art Zone – 3A2-20

ages 6–8           Comics – 3A3-20

ages 9–12         Woodworking – 3A1-20



ages 6–8          Woodworking – 3P1-20

ages 6–8          Comics - 3P3-20

ages 9–12         2D Visual Arts – 3P2-20


Extended Day, Week 3


WEEK 4 • July 6-10

Early Drop-off, Week 4


ages 6–8           Inventions, Gizmo and Gadgets – 4A2-20

ages 6–8           Fiber Art & Sewing – Puppet Making – 4A3-20

ages 9–12         Woodworking: Skateboard - 4A1-20

ages 9–12         Comics – 4A4-20



ages 6–8           Woodworking – 4P1-20

ages 6–8           Comics – 4P4-20

ages 9–12         Inventions, Gizmo and Gadgets – 4P2-20

ages 9–12          2-D Visual Arts - 4P3-20

Extended Day, Week 4


WEEK 5 • July 13-17

Early Drop-off, Week 5


ages 6–8           Robotics with DEILab – 5A2-20

ages 6–8           2-D Visual Arts – 5A3-20

ages 9–12        Woodworking - 5A1-20


ages 6–8           Woodworking - 5P1-20

ages 6–8           Fiber Art & Sewing -5P3-20

ages 9–12         Robotics with DEILab  – 5P2-20

Extended Day, Week 5


WEEK 6 • July 20-24

Early Drop-off, Week 6


ages 6–8         Art Zone – 6A2-20       

ages 6–8          Printmaking – 6A3-20

ages 9–12        Woodworking Skateboard– 6A1-20

ages 12–14      Animation with KXB – 6A4-20



ages 6–8          Animation with KXB – 6P4-20

ages 6–8          Printmaking – 6P3-20

ages 9–12        2-D Visual Art – 6P2-20            

ages 12–14      Woodworking- 6P1-20

Extended Day, Week 6


WEEK 7 • July 27-31                    

Early Drop-off, Week 7


ages 6–8          Woodworking – 7A1-20

ages 6–8          LEGOs with DEILab – 7A2-20       

ages 9–12         Animation with KXB – 7A4-20

ages 12–14       Comics & Graphic Novels- 7A3-20


ages 6–8           Woodworking- 7P1-20

ages 6–8           Animation with KXB- 7P4-20​​​​​​       

ages 9–12        LEGOs with DEILab - 7P2-20        

ages 12–14       Photography - 7P3-20


Extended Day, Week 7