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Teen Woodworking II Ages 13-17 1W20

Teen Woodworking II

For students who have taken Teen Woodworking I for several semesters and are ready for the next level. Increase your skills and your comfort with tools and processes. Begin to design your own projects. As you continue to further semesters, increase your projects' elegance and complexity.

Students in this class have won Honorable Mention in the national Scholastic Art Awards, and have had their furniture exhibited with work by Eastern Massachusetts Guild of Woodworkers. They have worked as aides in our Summer Program for Children, and applied to college to study architecture and engineering.

By instructor's permission only.

Abby Neale

Abby Neale

Abby Neale is an artist, collaborator and educator with an interest in science fiction, urban landscapes and wandering around cities. Born in New Haven, she sought creative inspiration through both an obsession with contemporary art, an appetite for books and a desire to travel the world. Through her travels, she learned art exists beyond the white walls of a gallery and can become a tool for learning and finding a voice in big, public conversations.

"I hope to provide people with unanswered questions and windows into worlds of possibility. When making work, I consider with how people interact and experience my work, operating in a space bridging art and daily life." 

Woodworking, Visual Art
Materials & Tools:

Basic materials will be supplied in class. Students will be coached on any extra materials that need to be purchased on their own for more complex projects.

Materials are provided for small projects. For larger projects, instructors will advise students to bring their own.

Before entering the wood shop, read about SAFETY.