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Tinkering & Inventing Ages 10-14 1S20 CANCELED

Develop problem-solving skills, curiosity creativity and agency through making. Think like an inventor: create rules, then adjust them as results change. Use exploration. mistakes and surprises to provoke invention. Incorporate some mechanics, electricity and unexpected materials. A series of short projects builds essential skills, followed by a group challenge and individual or small group projects. Each term is different, and students are encouraged to continue throughout the year. Limit 8 students

Abby Neale

Abby Neale

Abby Neale is an artist, collaborator and educator with an interest in science fiction, urban landscapes and wandering around cities. Born in New Haven, she sought creative inspiration through both an obsession with contemporary art, an appetite for books and a desire to travel the world. Through her travels, she learned art exists beyond the white walls of a gallery and can become a tool for learning and finding a voice in big, public conversations.

"I hope to provide people with unanswered questions and windows into worlds of possibility. When making work, I consider with how people interact and experience my work, operating in a space bridging art and daily life." 

Woodworking, Visual Art
Materials & Tools:

All materials are provided.