Tinkering & Inventing I - Ages 10-14

Develop problem-solving skills, curiosity, creativity and agency through making. Think like an inventor: create rules, then adjust them as results change. Use exploration, mistakes, and surprises to provoke invention. Incorporate some mechanics, electricity and unexpected materials. A series of short projects builds essential skills, followed by a group challenge and individual or small group projects. Each term is different, and students are encouraged to continue throughout the year.

tinkering class Boston

Here, students created Doodling Robots as one in a series of projects exploring motion.

Students who have completed two terms of Tinkering & Inventing (or who obtain the instructor’s permission) may move to the next level, Tinkering II.

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All materials are provided.

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

FALL 2018


Section 1: 9 Mondays, 4–5:30pm

Instructor: Abigail Neale 

1F: Oct 1–Dec 10 (no class Oct 8, Nov 12)

$306. CLOSED




Section 1: 9 Mondays, 4–5:30pm 

Instructor: Abigail Neale 

1W: Jan 7–Mar 18 (no class Jan 21, Feb 18)

(snow day make-up Mar 25)