NOTE: Our SUMMER PROGRAM for CHILDREN is canceled, along with all SPRING and SUMMER In-House classes.

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Upholstery 5S20 CANCELED

Choose your time of the week and join a shop away from home, with tools, mentorship and community. Work on a project of your choice in an open-format classroom; the teacher will circulate and give instruction at all levels, but there is not a set curriculum. Start with a dining chair or ottoman; large chairs take more than one semester. Bring your piece to the first class. Storage is limited. No love seats, chaise lounges, sofas. Once you select your section, that is your weekly time in the shop. We do not permit switching between sections. Limit 12 Students

John DeVito

John DeVito

John DeVito graduated from Upholstery School in 1986. He worked at Borges Upholstery Everett and at Standard River in South Boston operating punch press machines, manual lathers and milling machines. He also worked as a machinist at Palmer manual Corp as an aerospace machinist operating CNC presses and milling machines. John has been working at Eliot School for more than 5 years.


Paul DeVito

Paul DeVito

Paul DeVito, Jr. has been practicing his trade for over twenty years. Currently working at Classic Upholstery, he previously worked lead upholsterer for Melo & Sons, and before that for Borges Upholstery and Possick Upholstery. He graduated from Everett Vocational High School, where he majored in upholstery.

Materials & Tools:


NO LARGE ITEMS (sofa, bed, love seat, chaise lounge)

ONLY ONE PIECE AT A TIME per student, as our storage space is limited

YOU MUST TAG YOUR FURNITURE with your name, phone number and semester

YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR FURNITURE at the end of the semester

Bring to the first class:

Your piece of furniture. You may store it here for the semester but you must remove it after that. Beginners will learn to strip furniture in the first class session.

Two dropcloths (old bedsheets work well): one to cover work surface, one to cover furniture in storage

Needed after the first class:

Tool Kit

Check with instructor in class before shopping.

Measuring tape

Good pair of scissors suitable for upholstery-weight fabric

Tack and Staple Remover (Tool #121)

Tack claw (Osborne # 202)

Magnetic hammer (Osborne #222)

10" Upholstery shears (Osborne #684-10)

Ripping tool (Osborne #402)

Curved needles (Osborne #K-3)

Straight-point needles (Osborne # K-5)

Upholstery pins (Osborne #190)

6-oz. Upholstery tacks

Marking chalk (Osborne #88)

Additional Supplies

The following will be discussed in class:




1” or 4” foam

cushion foam

cotton batting


Italian Ruby twine – 1 lb. spool

spring-tying twine

spring nails

fabric: 5/32” welt