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Weaving Basics - Warping a Loom 1S23

This workshop is designed to give students a thorough and intensive grounding in "direct warping" and hand-weaving on a rigid heddle loom.

Learn to warp and dress a rigid heddle loom through direct warping, type and composition of warp yarns. Calculate yarn requirements for projects, sett analyses, and fabric finishing techniques.

You'll make a warp of your own design, weave if off and remove it from the loom by the end of the class.

No experience is necessary.

This is a 2-day workshop. Hours- 10 AM - 4 PM, both days.

Limit 6 students.


I took Dahlia’s scarf weaving class in the fall and loved it, which led me to sign up for this class, and I’d absolutely come back for another weaving workshop with her!  I registered for this workshop because I wanted to try weaving again and brought my mom to learn how to weave and try a new crafting experience!  Dahlia is a stellar instructor and a fabulous communicator.  She’s incredibly helpful in answering every question, creating a comfortable class environment, and ensuring that everyone feels good about what they’re creating while learning lots along the way!  I loved Dahlia’s attention to detail and ability to make every step understandable and fun!  I really enjoyed the small classroom environment and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor or classroom learning experience! 

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Dahlia Popovits


Dahlia Popovits has been designing and weaving extraordinary clothes and accessories utilizing her award winning handwoven textiles made with the finest luxury yarns from around the world, for nearly 50 years.  Her work can be seen in her Boston gallery, dahliahandmade.com, which features her handwoven clothing, as well as the work of other artisans.

She has taught at a variety of art centers the past 40 years, and is happy to be able to share her knowledge through her upcoming workshops. 

Materials to bring to class:

All materials, including fibers and loom to weave-on during the workshop, provided by instructor for $22 materials fee.