Wood Turning Week

Wood Turning Week Bowls and Beyond

Co-sponsored with Eastern Massachusetts Guild of Woodworkers

Use the lathe to turn wood into functional objects and art – bowls, platters, sculptures and more. If you wish, add surface decoration with color, burning and other techniques. By spending a week with the lathe, you will rise to a new level of skill, no matter your starting point. Beginners will get started and make several objects. Intermediate and advanced participants will also make several objects, with a chance to push the envelope and attain new skills. All levels welcome.

Other Summer Craft Intensives

Immerse yourself in craftsmanship, creativity and community. Exchange ideas, inspire each other during classroom walkthroughs.


Course Number


Class Size


Age Range

17+, younger teens with instructor's permission

Skill Level

All Levels



Before entering the shop, read about SAFETY.


$70 payable in class

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost


Section 1: Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm
1M: Aug 5–9
Instructor: Ken Lindgren