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Woodworking Open Shop Extention 4W20

Choose your time of the week and join a shop away from home, with tools, mentorship and community. Design and construct projects of your choice. Projects must be a manageable size due to limited storage; check first with instructors. Once you select your section, that is your weekly time in the wood shop. We do not permit switching between sections. 

Limit 12 students

Note: You may also be interested in Mini Woodworking Open Shop sessions. Take one or more sections to create the Open Shop the experience that works best for your project and schedule. 

Note: Projects must be kept to a manageable size. Beds, large tables, shelving units and the like put too severe a drain on our limited storage space. Students compelled to make large projects must speak first with an instructor and obtain permission. Our most common solution to these challenges is to ask students to work on parts in Woodworking Open Shop, then assemble larger elements and the final piece through private lessons, outside of regular class time, at a cost of $65/hour. Please inquire for details.

Andrew Riiska

Andrew Riiska

Andrew Riiska was introduced to his love of design and craft at a young age in Canton, Connecticut. He was an apprentice in a design studio from age 11 to 18, until he moved to attend the University of Colorado. After graduating, he relocated to open a wood shop in Brooklyn, NY named Elshopo with partners Jaren Harbertson, now of Modern Union, and George Evageliou, of Urban Home Craft. During his time in New York, he also taught woodworking techniques at Parsons New School of Design and founded Small Box Press, which published handmade books that paired artists and writers to create short stories. 

In 2005, Andrew moved to downtown Los Angeles to start Riiska Design Studio, where he created studio furniture with subjects as diverse as the body (Belly Table), mythical creatures (Dragon Table) and ephemerality (Bubble Table). He has been known to craft hundreds of little wooden boxes — each one encapsulating a single marshmallow. These and other works like the Bunk Bed Side Table and the Bubble Wrap Chair elegantly combine a “green” awareness of natural and found materials with the playful sensibility of their designer, employing recycled wood, non-petrol-based finishing oils and a whimsical sense of humor.

Dedicated to carrying on the tradition of his craft, Andrew has continued to teach over the years in well known craft and design schools such as the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Los Angeles CA) and Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Snowmass CO). 

Andrew also works as Facilities Coordinator for the Eliot School.

Woodworking, furniture design

Frank Pettorossi

Frank Pettorossi

Frank Pettorossi started as a cabinetmaking apprentice at age 14 in Baselice, a small town in the Naples region of Italy. After moving to the US, he graduated from Boston Trade High School and joined Cabinetmakers Local 51. He worked in architectural millwork shops throughout the Boston area, did construction for Bar & Bar Co. and installed displays for Filenes department stores. His experience as a cabinetmaker and carpenter spans five decades.

“I have been working at the Eliot School for over 12 years and I find it very rewarding helping others with my craft.”

Materials & Tools:

Bring your own pencil and tape measure or ruler.

With instructors' guidance, you will supply your own wood and any special hardware.

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