Faculty Exhibitions @ Galatea Fine Art

Our solo exhibitions showcase Eliot School faculty and their extraordinary craftsmanship across a range of media. These exhibitions take place at Galatea Fine Art, 460 Harrison Ave # B6, Boston, MA 02118.

Maggie Carberry Pasquan, Sean Dunstan-Halliday, Vicki Kocher Paret: Attention to Detail

Exhibition DatesMay 2nd through May 27th, 2018
Gallery open hours are Wednesday - Sunday 12-5 pm and by appointment

Reception: Friday, May 4, 6–8pm • RSVP here

SoWa Art Walk: Saturday & Sunday, May 5 & 6, 11am–5pm • RSVP here

Artists' Talk: Sunday, May 20, 3pm (Maggie & Vicki only) • RSVP here


The exhibition and all events take place at Galatea Fine Art, 460 Harrison Ave # B6, Boston, MA 02118.

460 Harrison Ave (also marked as Thayer Street on Google Maps) is a pedestrian-only walkway. Walk down the walkway towards Albany Street, a sign for 460 B is on the right. Enter the glass door here, walk down half a level of stairs and Galatea Fine Art is on your left.

Attention to Detail - Show Statement

The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts showcases three of its painting and printmaking faculty in this exhibition. Maggie Carberry Pasquan, Sean Dunstan-Halliday and Vicki Kocher Paret all create mesmerizing works of art through their attention to detail. Blending the familiar with the whimsical, artworks in ‘Attention to Detail’ explore the human perspective on urban landscape and the natural environment. These faculty members advance the Eliot School’s mission: to inspire lifelong learning in craftsmanship and creativity for all. All three teach in the school’s continuing education classes for adults in Jamaica Plain.


Maggie Carberry Pasquan
Whether it involves a visit to another country or my own backyard, my work begins with a camera and a journey. A native of Pelham, New York, I moved to the Boston area by way of Washington DC, London and Brasilia. Time spent abroad has influenced my work to include themes of travel, movement and daydreaming. I am fascinated by the way printmaking processes can be used to transform a photograph. Additional layers of media help to turn my images into work that reflects a passing of time.

The work in this show is a continuation of my Daydream Dwellings series, where I am working to “re-build” urban landscapes one architectural detail at a time. I believe that repetition in architecture can be used to facilitate daydreaming much as a mandala is used to facilitate meditation. Although meditation is a deliberate act, while daydreaming tends to be accidental, both allow you to take a break from the noise of the world in order to clear your mind and ultimately refocus. 

I hope that my re-imagined landscapes give viewers a personal portal to their most peaceful daydreams.


Vicki Kocher Paret
Nature and the built environment provide elements for me to observe as I engage in painting. Painting in series, I explore color, spatial relationships, different marks and methods. Each has a specific effect on the tenor of the piece. I weave together elements from forests and urban neighborhoods to create a sense of place, recreating the feeling of being in these environments. Trees figure prominently in these paintings. - In the forests, the tree configurations create voids that provide a passage for moving through the space, while in the neighborhood, trees offer a counterpoint to the close space, patterns and colors of the buildings. I find the juxtapositions and transitions exciting, and am compelled to paint them in detail. 


Sean Dunstan-Halliday
I'm interested in the relationship between attraction and repulsion, familiar and alien, as humans view nature. Creating animals that have opposing characteristics allows me to experiment with a range of conflicting associations.

I make each animal as full of texture and detail as possible so as to render it as complete and fully realized as it can be. My focus is on color transitions and relationships between different types of textures and mark-making so that each animal contains an ecosystem within its own body. By combining the anatomy of different animals and creating my own invented anatomy, I'm exploring my own sensibility and what I find most intriguing about nature.    

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