Our teachers are all working artists and artisans – cabinetmakers, seamstresses, designers, painters and craftspeople of all kinds. They choose to teach at the Eliot School because they like the informal, welcoming atmosphere of our arts center and its dual focus on craftsmanship and community.

Our faculty teach in two settings:

Prospective teachers at our schoolhouse should send a course proposal, recognizing that each semester’s catalog goes into production many months before its courses are actually offered.

If you would like to teach art or woodworking in our School Partnership Program, please send a resume, a cover note and some images of your work.

We also hire classroom aides to assist our School Partnership teachers. These may be people who want to eventually become art teachers, students, people making a transition from school to career or between careers, or others who have flexibility in their daytime schedules and the desire to give that time to help bring arts and fine crafts to schoolchildren.

If you would like to work as a classroom aide, please send a resume and a cover note telling us something about your skills and your reasons for being interested in the position.