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Keneisha Sinclair-McBride

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Dr. Keneisha Sinclair-McBride is an attending psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Training Director of the BCH Psychology Internship. She conducts research on depression and anxiety in youth with a special focus on integrated behavioral healthcare within primary care settings. The overarching goal of her work is to increase access to high quality behavioral healthcare for BIPOC youth. Dr. Sinclair-McBride’s work is published in a variety of academic journals and textbooks. She speaks throughout the country on behavioral healthcare topics and provides trainings on evidenced-based behavioral healthcare delivery. Dr. Sinclair-McBride is a committed presenter, focused on child development and meeting the social and emotional needs of children.  

Dr. Sinclair-McBride will present on social emotional learning and trauma, and offer office hours during the SPEAC Professional Development Series. 


Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences