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Emily Tirella


Emily Tirela was born and raised in Upstate New York. She moved to Boston in 2010 for school and never looked back.  Originally studying photography, she found herself lost and looking for something different. In 2012, Emily was injured and out of work for a month.  Following on the footsteps of her mother, Emily has always been a talented hand-quilter when she started doing embroidery. Since then she has developed a passion for creating new techniques with hand sewing of all types, sashiko, cross stitch, crewel, and more.  She started doing markets and trying to quickly her name was among the most wanted embroidery teacher in Cambridge and Boston. 

Fiber Art, Embroidery

Upcoming Classes

Holiday Embroidery 1F19 Workshop October 15, 2019
Basic Embroidery 1F19 Workshop November 3, 2019
Mandala Embroidery 1W20 Workshop January 12, 2020
Basic Embroidery 1W20 Workshop February 2, 2020