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Eric Goodson

Eric Goodson Bowl

Eric Goodson is a green woodworker based in Newburyport, MA.  Primarily a wood turner, he creates bowls, cups, and plates using both a traditional foot-powered pole lathe and a Western electric lathe. Eric also hand carves spoons, spatulas, spreaders, shrink pots, and other things starting with different letters.  Eric began his woodworking journey a decade ago, studying under prominent green woodworkers like Dave Fisher, Peter Follansbee, Jarrod Dahl, Robin Wood, and Jojo Wood.  He works primarily with green wood as opposed to seasoned wood, preferring its workability and liveliness. Green wood moves as it dries, creating organic and energetic forms in partnership with the maker.  Eric also uses simple hand tools when appropriate, creating surfaces that celebrate the fine finish and decorative facets left by razor sharp tools.  Such a finish ages beautifully and testifies to the object’s hand-made origins.

Wood-turning, carving