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Jonathan Bechard

Jon Bechard Sculpture

Sculpture is Jonathan's chosen field. After earning multiple art degrees, Jonathan set up his own studio and started showing work. Later, he began teaching Studio Art through connections he'd made in the Boston Art World. Identifying the trend towards small craft and learning centers, in 2009, Jonathan set out to found his own arts institute using the model of a working farm.

Amidst the Recession, the beta site for this project was temporarily shut down and the idea was put on hold in order for Jonathan to pursue capital, long-term funding, and the perfect location. Jonathan started his own business, 'Noble Stoneworks,' in order to hone his craft, and in Fall of 2012, he opened an exclusive commercial shop in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. This location was not ideal, so after moving back to Massachusetts, he has continued to teach art classes while practicing Masonry and other Traditional Crafts such as Timber Framing.  Previously, Jonathan taught woodworking for youth at the Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts.

Woodworking, sculpture, masonry