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Rick Angus

Rick Angus

Rick Angus enjoys turning wood and understanding the details of efficient tool handling. (A sharp tool can be a wonderful dance partner if properly led.) Acquiring skillful technique with sharp tools improved his joy of woodturning immensely and allowed him to focus on design and shape of the objects being created. Having been working wood since his Cub Scout pine-wood derby days, wood shop taught him a lot of furniture technique but curved surfaces he found more interesting. In the 90s, his interest in the lathe was rekindled when a mentor taught him efficient tool sharpening and the fun returned to stay.

His focus on learning technique has paid off as now he can concentrate on design and creation. Most of Rick’s current work is deep cross-grain bowls and end-grain lidded boxes. His most common technique is often called twice-turned—wet wood is turned to a rough (approximate but oversized) shape, dried and remounted and turned to final shape. This technique allows Rick carefully to choose the grain pattern for the desired effect in the final piece. The grain patterns are chosen for symmetry—or not! Recent work incorporating domed lids to these vessels has allowed the expression of a much taller hollow form. Smooth graceful shapes with sharp detail are his hallmark.

Rick continues to learn a lot from great turners, enjoys giving back by sharing his tips and technique with fellow woodturners and encourages questions at any time.