Crazy Quilt Workshop

For ages, people have combined leftover fabrics into crazy quilts, making beautiful assemblages embellished with embroidery. In this workshop, you will complete either a ten-inch square that you can incorporate into a larger quilt at home or a small child-size quilt.

Course Number


Class Size


Age Range

17+, teens by permission

Skill Level

All Levels


Basic sewing skills


NOTE: Not all of the items on this list are essential. They're optimum. If you have scraps of fabric, some muslin backing and a few skeins of embroidery floss, I will have pins and needles. Come whether you have all of the supplies or not.

Basic supplies

  • Bleached or natural muslin (comes in various qualities, price ranges and widths)
    Premium=200 thread count, 36”–45” wide.
    For a 10” square, 1/2 yard is fine. If you’re making something bigger, bring more.
  • A variety of light/medium weight scrap fabrics from old clothes, etc. New fabric is also OK.
  • Scissors: small and large scissors, embroidery scissors
  • White thread for basting
  • Pins: Quilters’ pins, size 22 or 28
  • Needles: Big–eyed needle, quilters’ basting needle, crewel needles and/or tapestry needles, size 20 or 22
  • Embroidery floss, single skeins or collections. Cotton, satins, metallic are all fine.

Additional supplies

  • Lightweight batting
  • Backing material like colored cotton
  • Seam ripper

Learn where to buy supplies.

Questions: Contact Linda Scharf508.224.6790

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

We will offer more Crazy Quilt workshops in future semesters. Let us know if you are interested.