Abigail Norman, Director
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Brooke Scibelli, Development Coordinator
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Dyllan Nguyen, Special Projects

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Helen Lang, Bookkeeping
Verónica Ramírez Martell, Bookkeeping
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Alison Croney, Program Director
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Verónica Ramírez MartellProgram Coordinator
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Charlotte Huffman, Teen Arts Specialist
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Jodi SchmidtProfessional Development Coordinator
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Renán Flores, Registrar
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Isnard Dupoux, Assistant Registrar
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Annie Meyer
, Artistic Coordinator
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Dyllan Nguyen, Program
   Coordinator, Summer Program for

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Julio Fuentes, Facilities Coordinator
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Seth Mazor, Shop Assistant
Tam Willey, Custodian

Charles Sandler, ex officio

Alison Croney (School Partnership Program Director) teaches woodworking and visual arts both in our building and through our School Partnership Program in addition to serving as our Program Director. She is an accomplished woodworker, whose sculptures and furniture combine lamination and coopering. She holds a Preliminary License to teach Visual Art to Grades 5–12. Previously, as Education Director for Red Rabbit (New York City), she developed and led interactive cooking and gardening programs for teachers, parents and children. As Education & Outreach Coordinator for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (Denver CO), she developed, managed and taught art programs for all ages. She has also been Wood Shop Assistant at Anderson Ranch Art Center (Snowmass Village CO), Catalyst Arts Fellow at Rhode Island School of Design and Fabrication Assistant for Situ Studio (New York City).

Isnard Dupoux (Assistant Registrar) is a multi-disciplinary performance artist combining sound and visuals, appearing throughout Boston under the name Serrah. He studied painting and illustration at Art Institute of Boston before earning his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in the Studio for Interrelated Media. Isnard’s mother works as a teacher. He says, “I've always valued how teachers essentially shape our future, and I wish the world would recognize them for taking on that role.”

Renán Flores (Registrar) previously worked at Danforth Art (Framingham), where he was Assistant Registrar and Evening School Attendant. Renan’s career has alternated between art and the military. He has worked as a commercial photographer and founder/proprietor of Speedwell Gallery (Plymouth), where he sold his own photographs and those by other artists. He was a long-time Security Supervisor for the United States Air Force. He holds a BA in Art History from University of Massachusetts Boston and an Associates Degree in Administration from Community College of the Air Force, with additional course work at Art Institute of Boston and New England School of Photography.

Julio Fuentes (Facilities Coordinator) designs and produces turned and laminated wood jewelry, hand-made longbows and other fine (and strange) objects. He also designs and teaches woodworking classes both in our building and through our School Partnership Program. A graduate of North Bennet Street School’s Preservation Carpentry Program, he renovated high-end homes for fifteen years for The Classic Group (Lexington). He has led the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of Holy Name Parish in West Roxbury since 2004. For nearly as long, he has also led workshops for new homeowners for Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development.

Abigail 'Stud' Green (Bookkeeper), in addition to doing books for local businesses, writes lyrics and plays music with the band Humble Tripe.

Charlotte Huffman (Teen Arts Specialist) completed her Masters of Education at Lesley University, designing her thesis in cooperation with Girls Rock Campaign Boston, where she now helps design programming. She was a Visual Arts Educator for six years at East Somerville Community School, and has also taught at Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Youth Build Boston and Museum of Northern Arizona (Flagstaff AZ). She holds  a Massachusetts Teaching License for Visual Arts PK–12. She says, “I love connecting young people to the arts. Learning through art empowers youth to challenge expectations, express themselves, and create their own understandings of who they want to be.”

Annie Meyer (Artistic Coordinator) is a veteran on our woodworking faculty, starting with Wooden Spoon Carving and branching out with the Artisan’s Table series, which she helped conceive and design. She also works as Wood Shop Monitor at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and produces wooden kitchen implements for sale through Annie Meyer Studio. She gained management experience as Retail Manager and Store Manager at Siena Farms (Sudbury), and is recipient of the 2014 Maloof Fun Fellowship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Snowmass Village CO).

Dyllan Nguyen (Program Coordinator, Summer Program for Children, and Special Projects Coordinator) plays many roles at the Eliot School, including teaching in our schoolhouse and through our School Partnership Program. An artist and maker as well, he is interested in distraction, information/communication and relationships between people and objects. He enjoys learning new things, and as a result his work moves between disciplines, including (but not limited to) performance, sculpture, sound, installation, video, flat and virtual media. He also likes to take things apart. With Brooke Scibelli, he founded and runs Non Issue Studio. He holds an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute/Plymouth University and a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts Collage of Art & Design.

Abigail Norman (Director) brings to the school over 30 years experience in nonprofit administration, focused on community-based arts and media, including time as Program Coordinator at Forest Hills Educational Trust and, before that, Director of Somerville Community Access Television. She serves as a member of the Boston Cultural Council. She makes quilts, drawings and small objects as a form of social exchange.

Verónica Ramírez Martell (School Partnership Program Coordinator; Bookkeeper) teaches woodworking both in our School Partnership Program and in our schoolhouse, in addition to working as Program Coordinator. She was previously a Community Leaders Fellow with JP New Economy Transition, and spent two years with AmeriCorps at Care Force (Boston) and City Year (Orlando FL). She earlier worked as Art Therapy Coordinator for Taller Social Comunitario (San Juan PR), and as a Workshop Assistant and volunteer with Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and with Girl Scouts Caríbe (San Juan PR). She likes to make things to give to people in her life.

Charles Sandler (ex officio) worked at the Eliot School from 1966–2012 as Director, Instructor and Superintendent. He remains on call for consultation. Charlie is certified in Vocational Education and Industrial Arts and holds a Masters of Education. He taught and supervised teachers at Hubert H. Humphrey Occupational Resource Center, Fitchburg State College, UMass, Roxbury High School, Dorchester High School and elsewhere in addition to the Eliot School.

Jodi Schmidt (Professional Development Coordinator) teaches both visual arts and woodworking, and coordinates professional development for our School Partnership Program. She spent eight years as the Executive Director of Extras for Creative Reuse; prior to that, she taught art to children in the Worcester and Melrose Public Schools. Jodi was named elementary art educator of the year by the Massachusetts Art Education Association in 2005, and Friend of Art Education in 2011. She has presented workshops at Boston Public Schools New Teacher Institute, Museum of Fine Arts teachers’ program, Boston College Teachers for a New Era Institute and many out-of-school-time programs. She holds a Masters in Education with a concentration in Art from Framingham State College.

Brooke Scibelli (Development Coordinator) worked previously as Community Manager for the Illuminus Festival and Events & Content Producer at Design Museum Boston. With Dyllan Nguyen, she founded and runs Non Issue Studio. Brooke has been a member of Lumen Artists’ Collective, a teaching artist for Art Resource Collaborative for Kids, and Event & Marketing Producer for Eventworks. She holds a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and aims to provide accessible arts education.

Tam Willey (Custodian) works by day as a handy-person under the name Handy Tam. By night, she is a LGBTQQA Youth Worker, volunteering at BAGLY and working with The Theatre Offensive's True Colors: Out Youth Theater Troupe, alternating as Production Manager and Assistant Director. She meditates regularly and strives to create safe, compassionate and oppression-free learning environments.