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Dyeing & Printing with Botanicals: Florals 1M23

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

Come learn the basics of natural dyeing and printing with botanicals in this hands on workshop with local herbalist and natural dyer Maggie Ruth Haaland!

In this 3 hr workshop, we'll sink into the exuberance of Summer with a seasonal herbal tea, and make space for slowness and connection.

We will be working with local plants and kitchen scraps to coax color onto fabric through an intro lesson in the art of flower pounding (hammering petals into cloth to leave their imprints).  We'll explore how different local blossoms impart unique pigments into fibers.

Maggie Ruth will also teach about the mordanting (fabric preparation) process and the use of natural dye as a ritual and self care practice. Hope you will join us for this afternoon spent creating in community!

*This class meets outdoors in one of our Canopy Classrooms.  Please dress accordingly.  

 I took this workshop because I wanted to learn a new skill.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try a few different techniques and ask a lot of questions!

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Maggie Haaland

maggie_haaland profile

Maggie Ruth Haaland (she/they) is a queer natural dyer, herbalist, writer, and footbath devotee living in JP. She has studied plant medicine for ten years and has over the past few years fallen in love with the intersection of fiber and herbal medicine. Their values are rooted in softness, community, and care and they regularly facilitate natural dye workshops and introductory plant walks to help folks connect with themselves, their creativity, and the land around them. Maggie also vends her naturally dyed bandanas and herbal creations at various markets in the Boston area. Some of her teachers include Tony Lemos, Steph Zabel, and Bryonie Wise.

Fibers, natural pigments, sewing, plant medicine
Materials to bring to class:

Clothing appropriate for the outdoor setting.  Instructor will provide all class materials including treated fabrics for a fee of $10, to be paid in-class.