Join us with a hammer, a thimble, a camera or a brush...

and pursue your desire to create. Find us in our Jamaica Plain classrooms and in public schools and community centers throughout Boston. 

Due to the ongoing public health emergency and restrictions, all In-House classes have been suspended until further notice. We are actively studying options for phased physical re-opening and online classes as the situation allows. To see a representation of our class offerings, please download a sample catalog HERE.

Teen Bridge is working with our Artist in Residence, Carolyn Shadid Lewis, online, and we are eager to unveil their project, InterGeneration, this fall. Our School and Community Partnership educators are teaching visual arts to Boston Public School students online. 


Woodworking • Upholstery & Furniture Restoration • Sewing & Fashion • Fiber Arts • Book & Paper Arts • Printmaking • Photography • Drawing & Painting • Mixed Media • Tinkering & Inventing • Other Crafts

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Join Eliot School Partnership Director Alison Croney Moses and other leaders in craft & design for a conversation about moving our field toward racial equity. With Boston Design Week. This event is FREE but you must register to attend. More details here.

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Help us send art supplies to 1,300 BPS students this fall. More details here


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Schoolhouse Adventures with Andrew & Jas

Schoolhouse Facilities coordinator Andrew Riiska and  Shop Assistant Jasmanie Gonzales have been working diligently to make our schoolhouse a better and safer work environment for all. Join the journey towards reworking the schoolhouse with Andrew’s blog post coming out every Friday. Details here.   


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Meet Our Alumni

An alum of the Eliot School children’s sewing class, Takeiya Perry is a practicing fashion designer, showing her collections in Boston Fashion Week and local galleries.

Her children now take sewing classes at the Eliot School with Carol Price.

Over 20 years ago Takeiya was able to receive the same basic sewing instruction that allowed her to discover who she is—to become the emerging fashion designer she is today. Her early connection with craftsmanship empowered her to dream, to take a chance; today her children have the same opportunity.

Photo credit: Gretjen Helene

Takeiya Perry