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By participating in our programs, you agree to abide by our core values and other policies:


Welcoming Statement: Equity, Anti-Racism & Learning

The Eliot School seeks to contribute to a more just and equal world. As we design our programs and spaces to pursue equity, we are currently asking of ourselves: How do all parts of our school enact our mission to inspire lifelong learning in craft and creativity for all?

We know absolutely that Black lives matter. We are committed to provide a safe, creative learning environment for students, teachers, and staff of any nationality, ethnic origin, race, color, religion, physical ability, economic status, documentation status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

We acknowledge that our physical spaces are not easily accessed by those with different mobility abilities. While we are not yet able to meet all needs, we aspire to provide access to all. We welcome students and visitors to contact us to suggest changes and request accommodations when needed.

We are working to eliminate bias and discrimination in our admissions, program administration, hiring, outreach, and management. We strive to remove historical barriers to creative learning and develop learning environments that are welcoming to all.

Our schoolhouse sits on traditional lands of the Massachusett, Wampanoag, and Pawtucket people. We recognize that the name John Eliot speaks to a complex and violent past. As a first step, we are currently engaged in a deep learning process around the Eliot School's history and the land it occupies.

Our students, staff, and board reflect the diversity of Greater Boston. Our reach extends well beyond our immediate neighborhood. Our programs take place in schools, libraries, and community centers throughout Boston. We are devoted to supporting our communities through bonds of common humanity.

We invite our community to engage with us in this development process. Please join us in dialog as we build a more equitable, welcoming community.


Core Values

By enrolling in an Eliot School class, you agree to abide by our code of conduct as expressed in our Core Values, notably those relating to Community and Inclusion:

  • We value and promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity.
  • We maintain an open and welcoming environment, where all who enter are treated with dignity and respect.
  • We are interconnected through high regard for each other as colleagues, partners, teachers, learners, and neighbors.

Any student failing to abide by these values will be asked to leave the school and will forfeit their tuition fees.


Registration & Tuition

Course enrollments are limited and classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment is due at time of registration; space will not be held without payment.

Once registration and payment have been submitted, you will be contacted for changes in scheduling, cancellations, or if the class is full.

We accept major credit cards, checks, money orders, or cash.

Please register early, as some classes fill early and others may be canceled if enrollment is too low. Registrations may be accepted after a class begins if space is available and with instructor permission.



A 10% discount is available to:

  • any student age 65 or older;

  • any additional family member living in the same household, enrolling in the same class; and

  • active-duty military personnel

We offer Eliot School staff/instructors 20%-off of any class/workshop, and free tuition for classes/workshops taken for professional development.

We also offer occasional discounts and special offers as part of surveys or promotional campaigns. Instructions for redeeming them are included in the offers.

Discounts may not overlap. Only one discount is applicable to each enrollment.

Materials fees must be paid in full to the instructor in class, or via their designated payment-application link.

During check-out, type your discount into the COUPON field.

SENIOR — Age 65+

FAMILY - Family-members of a student currently enrolled in the same class

TEEN BRIDGE  — Teen Bridge student

STAFF or FACULTY — Eliot School staff, instructor or TA

STAFF-PD — Eliot School staff, instructor or TA enrolling in Professional Development

MILITARY - active-duty members of the military/National Guard.

Refunds & Credit

We reserve the right to cancel or discontinue any class.  When possible, we will schedule a make-up date for your canceled class. If you are unable to attend the make-up class, you may choose to receive a refund or tuition credit to apply to another class.

If you withdraw more than two weeks before a class begins, we will refund 100% of tuition paid, minus the $20 processing fee charged by our payment processor.

It is not possible to withdraw directly through our website. Please let our Program Support Team know.

We issue no refund or credit if you withdraw less than two weeks before your class begins.

We do not refund tuition or offer "make-up" sessions for classes students miss due to their own circumstances. 

You may request a private lesson from the instructor at your cost and the instructor's discretion.

If a serious illness, major injury or a death in the family means you need to withdraw from a class outside of our normal time allowance, please speak with our Program Support Team to make special arrangements.

Registrations are only transferable under specific circumstances. If you cannot attend your class and wish to gift your registration to someone else, you must inform our Program Support Team in advance.


Weather Cancellations

Students and parents are notified of weather cancellations via email or by phone. Announcements will also be posted on the home page of our website and on our Facebook page.

Each winter class is allotted a make-up date for one weather cancellation. See each class listing for details; you might find these most easily through our Calendar.   Most make-up dates will extend the length of a class by one week.



We close in observance of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Most classes are also suspended New Years Eve, the day before Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. Certain classes also skip other holidays; these are noted in individual class listings or determined by special arrangement between instructors and students.

We occasionally suspend classes to make room for Open Studios and other special events. See individual class listings for details.


Dropping in on Single Classes

Students are not permitted to drop into classes a session at a time, except for classes that are specifically listed as "drop-in."

Please attend the course and section for which you are registered. Crossing to other sections can create record-keeping problems, crowding, and even health & safety hazards.

Students are not permitted to use the school's classroom or equipment outside of scheduled course hours.  You must schedule/register for a private lesson with an instructor to access classrooms outside of course hours.


Switching Sections

Students are not permitted to attend sections other than those in which they are specifically enrolled.


Make-Up Classes

We do our best to schedule make-up dates when classes are canceled for snow, extreme weather, or other local emergencies. 

We understand that there are many reasons students need to miss class now and then, including illness, travel, family commitments, and work. We do not allow students to make up missed time by attending other sections.

Additionally, if you must miss a class session for your own reasons, we cannot offer you a refund/credit.  If you find you would like to switch entirely to a different section of your class, please speak in advance with our Program Support Team.


Materials & Supplies

Students are responsible for providing their own supplies and materials, according to the Materials List given, unless otherwise noted.

For courses where the instructor provides materials, fees must be paid to the instructor in full at the first class session.

Wood shop students are welcome to bring their own tools, but the Eliot School is not responsible for their loss or damage.

No tools or supplies belonging to the Eliot School may be removed from the building.


Project Storage

For certain classes only, we allow students to store one project at a time at the school during the span of the class. Our limited storage space is restricted to currently enrolled students. Instructors show students where their projects may be stored. Projects and materials must be clearly labeled with the student’s name, contact information, and date.

All property must be removed the end of the last class unless the student enrolls in the following term and receives permission from school staff. All property must be removed after summer term. Property left without permission after a term ends may be disposed of by staff.

Please do not leave projects or property in the foyer or classrooms. The building is open to the public and many people pass through every day.

The Eliot School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.


COVID-19 Rules

Please see our current COVID-19 response here.


Safety First!

Safe, effective use of equipment is of paramount importance. We make every attempt to maintain a safe environment, but final responsibility rests with each individual using tools, materials, and machines.

Our instructors teach proper safety procedures to all students, and all students must read our safety rules. Students who fail to follow safety rules will be guided to the correct approach to protect themselves and others. Any person may be asked to leave if proper safety procedures are not observed.

Please fill out Emergency Contact fully on your registration form. In case of an emergency, we will want to be able to reach your emergency contact quickly and easily.


Children & Teens

Parents/guardians must pick up their children at the designated ending time of class. Latecomers may be charged for additional staff time.

Parents or guardians must thoroughly complete registration forms, including full contact and emergency contact information.

Teens 13-18 are invited to participate in our "Teen" classes/workshops, unless otherwise indicated.

Teens must be 17 or older to participate in "Adult" classes/workshops, unless otherwise indicated.

Admission to "Adult" classes/workshops with parental consent may occur at the discretion of Eliot School staff.  Please contact us to make a request.