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Wood Carving: Skewing Around 1F21

In this one-day workshop we will spend a few hours slicing nice wood with a single sharp tool: the skew chisel.  We will explore a variety of carving options, from chips and letters to patterns, geometric shapes and beyond.  You will learn to hone and maintain the tool.  Carving safely is integral to good carving- you will be taught/required to employ safe, effective, efficient carving techniques.  The goal is to spend a few hours quietly carving and exploring a small corner of the carving world.  A sharpened skew, carving wood, and honing tools will be provided.

This workshop will be held in one of the Eliot School's outdoor classrooms in our beautiful tree-lined schoolyard.  While the space is covered and heaters will be provided, please dress accordingly.

Dan Paret

Dan Paret

Dan Paret has been a maker for more than thirty years and a teacher for 15 of those years. In addition to his time at the Eliot School, he also teaches woodworking at Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

“I find satisfaction in making functional objects people will use or encounter daily. I hope that people who own my pieces will connect with me through the objects, and experience with me the intimacy of simple, useful things. In my classes I employ equal measures of seriousness and levity to connect with people who are interested in making objects, manipulating materials and exploring the work. Teaching informs my work, which informs my teaching.”

Materials to bring to class:

All Materials Provided.  Please bring $10.00 for materials to first class.