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Woodworking Open Shop 1W24

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

Join a shop away from home, with tools, mentorship, and community. Design and construct projects of your choice.  Projects must be a manageable size due to limited storage; check first with instructors.

Wood must be provided by student.  Consult with your instructor regarding where to purchase desired supplies (wood, special hardware, etc).  Other materials cost included in tuition. 

Limit 10 students.


*Prerequisite: Basic Woodworking: Box.

**All attendees must be registered.  

***NO CLASS on 1/15/24 & 2/19/24



My classmates were great and the instructors are outstanding!

Joe Stanewick continues to provide the quiet and patient guidance often needed, and Jazz has wonderful expertise with all the machinery and tools.

Joe Stanewick

Joe Stanewick

Joe Stanewick has been associated with the Eliot School since 1984 as a student and instructor. He learned cabinetmaking at Wentworth Institute and North Bennet Street School, and worked as a furniture restorer at Trefler & Sons.



Jasmanie Gonzalez

Jazz Pic webiste

Jasmanie Gonzalez started woodworking a few years ago by making small furniture. Soon after, he came to the Eliot School to take classes. For the past year, Jasmanie has worked as our Shop Assistant and has taught classes within our School & Community Partnership Program. In his free time, Jasmanie collaborates with other artists on murals and graffiti projects.

Materials to bring to class:

Any wood needed for your project/partially-completed projects.